College Planning

Balanced and Effective Strategies
We help you address the sometimes overwhelming cost and process of higher education.  Our goal is to create balance between meeting today’s lifestyle, saving for college, and planning for retirement.

Understand Your Options

You will have a custom financial strategy outlining your options and providing an explanation of :

  • The effects of different positioning of your savings
  • Available education-based tax deductions and credits based on the current tax laws
  • Detailed cash flow projections to help you understand the true impact of college costs on your lifestyle
  • We build the likely financial aid packages from public and private school’s using their stated  financial aid formulas into your financial planning assumptions

Chris Drouin has extensive college admissions experience gained from over 4 years working as an admissions officer for both Freshmen and Transfer Admissions.  Chris has been helping families make their higher education decisions for 20 years.