Our analysis will recognize the work you have already done while performing due diligence on your existing investments, insurance, tax planning, and estate planning. Most plans include:

Financial Statement Preparation and Analysis 

  • Detailed Personal Cash Flow Analysis: Current and projected cash flows are modeled year by year for the rest of your lives. 
  • Net Worth Statements including a summary of the Current Value, Basis, Tax Treatment and ownership of all assets (investments, real estate and business interests). 
  • A summary and projected timeline of all assets and liabilities including possible Health and Long-Term Care Expenses, Estate Settlement Expenses, and Taxes. 

College Planning

  • Comprehensive overview of the college admissions process, the different financial aid systems and ways to position finances for greater aid. 
  • Projections of likely expenses, tax deductions and credits and how much tuition you can afford without unduly straining retirement. 
  • Estimate likely college expenses by modeling Federal and Institutional Financial Aid Formulas. 
  • Identify flexible strategies to save for higher education. 
  • Create a forward-looking cash flow expense for helping your children.

Retirement Income Plan

  • Analyze Social Security optimization strategies. 
  • Based on your cash flow needs, analyze the probability of supporting your lifestyle. 
  • Design and model a global asset allocation strategy to create a stable and rising income. 
  • Identify strategies to reduce the volatility of your investments while keeping pace with inflation. 
  • If your savings rate or assets are insufficient, we model ways to reallocate your existing investments to reduce future taxes, adjust your portfolio to strive for the return you need, find ways to reduce future expenses, and help you save more today.

Asset Allocation and Investing
We will provide a detailed assessment of your current portfolio including:

  • An overview of the risks to your portfolio.
  • An outline of where the portfolio aligns and diverges from your objectives and corrective actions to reduce gaps. 
  • Independent third-party research showing the quality of your investments though peer to peer comparisons. 
  • An overview of alternative investment strategies, if needed. 
  • An audit of identifiable expenses in your portfolio and benchmarking against industry standards. 
  • If applicable, a review of the features and benefits of employer sponsored retirement plans from an employee perspective. For business owners, a review of the current plan design and suggestions for alternative designs to increase tax deferred investing and support business objectives.

Risk Management & Insurance

  • Review the ownership of assets for creditor risk, exposure to unnecessary taxation or misalignment with your goals. 
  • Review insurance policies and highlight the benefits and the fit of current polices with your needs and objectives. 
  • Gage future performance and proper premium funding levels for life insurance contracts through the review of in force illustrations. 
  • Provide third party ratings of the financial strength of existing insurance companies. 
  • Identify gaps and corrective action either by modifying the existing policy/strategy or recommending alternative solutions. Typical coverage areas include Property and Casualty, Commercial, Life, Disability, Health, Critical Illness, Long Term Care, and any other contract needed.

Estate Planning

  • Create (or update) an effective and manageable plan in coordination with qualified tax and legal counsel to support your intentions. 
  • Facilitate the process of deciding who gets what. 
  • Help with the common struggle of what is fair. 
  • Create a plan that considers your succession plan and fosters family harmony.

Business Planning

  • Provide a range of business valuations for your business holdings. 
  • Mitigate risks to the business and protect the contributions of key personnel. 
  • Designing key employee retention and incentive plans 
  • Look for opportunities to use business dollars to satisfy personal needs. 
  • Understand what the business needs to be worth to support your lifestyle now and in retirement. 
  • Explore succession planning options.

Our fees vary based on the overall complexity of your life and wealth needs. Our current base financial plan rates range from $2,500 - $5,200.

Meeting generally occur in our office, on the phone, and virtually.

Payment Schedule 
Once we have received your 1st of 4 monthly payments and your signed Financial Planning Agreement, we will begin analyzing your data for the construction of your plan.

As you can imagine, this is not a completely linear process. It is a human one. We often take time to follow important tangents and explore new issues that pop up. Also, we recognize that often people need a little time to do their thinking at their own pace. Therefore, this is your process and we will move at your pace.