1. Initial Introductory Meeting

This initial conversation allows you to explore the areas you want to address, and begin to better understand your current situation. We give you a checklist of documents we may need and forms for you to fill out to help us better serve you.


2. Acquainting you with your Client Portal 

We provide you access to your own Client Portal, which will allow you to see all of your financials in one place. You can even safely share documents to us through the Vault System!


3. Clarity Conversation and Discovery Meeting

We meet one-on-one with each client in order to get a better understanding of their situation. Individual conversations help us create a financial plan tailored specifically to you.


4. Draft Plan Meeting 

We share the round analysis and initial recommendations. Addressing any new scenarios, concerns, or important views that may have come up. After seeing what kind of answers, we can provide, you can see the types of questions you can ask.


5. Final Comprehensive Plan Delivery 

Provide the refined analysis and specific recommendations to implement your plan and move forward.