Business Planning and Succession

Focusing on your future can seem like a luxury when you are busy handling day to day operations. We devise a comprehensive business succession strategy that is designed to help you accomplish your personal goals.
For business owners, we complete a personal financial plan to understand your lifestyle, family needs, priorities, and vision of your future…and how much money you may need to get there.

A Business Succession Plan will help you understand the value of your business today, provide strategies on how to pull more wealth from it in a tax efficient manner, and what its likely value may be in the future. We also explore the net value you may receive after taxes and identify ways you may be able to increase your net proceeds.

Thoughtful exit planning can help you mold your business into the ideal shape for your chosen exit option when the time comes. Whether maximizing sale price to a third party, grooming successors either from existing management or members of your family, a well thought out plan should help you make a transition on your terms when the timing is right.

What does our Business Plan encompass?

  • Provide a range of business valuations for your business holdings.
  • Mitigate risks to the business and protect the contributions of key personnel.
  • Designing key employee retention incentive plans.
  • Understand what you need to net from the transfer or sale of your business to support your lifestyle in retirement.
  • Explore succession planning options.